Bold Enough To Beat The Brave

The Making Of The Greatest Soldier Who Ever Live

Bold Enough To Beat The Brave

How The Most Heralded Partnership In The History Of The Armed Forces Happened

by Daniel Bennett on April 24

General George C. Marshall was known for speaking his mind regardless of who he was with, who his audience was, this was prolifically important when he met President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Many years before this as a staff officer in France in 1917, a general from the field General Pershing criticised the division and the division commander and the subordinates that Marshall was working with. Marshall a lowly cleaner of the staff rooms and offices rose to the defence of his division.

When Pershing ignored his protests Marshall exploded. Placing his hand on his arm forcing the general to listen to him, George C. Marshall performed an extraordinary lecture about his opinions, about Pershing himself, his own office, his own faults. The crowds of fellow officers could not believe the bottle, balls, the wit and downright passion of Mr Marshall standing up to an esteemed general and completely rendering the senior experienced man speechless was something to behold.

Pershing went away having listened to junior Marshall and worked upon all criticisms in his own office – he was not the first and most definitely would not be the last to feel the full wrath of George C. Marshall. He would provide frank advice to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), the President of The United States Of America, many years later.

Speaking his mind and portraying his passions regardless of perceived ways of going about it, in a meeting at The White House in November 1938, FDR proposed plans of building 10,000 warplanes, FDR secretly wanted to export these planes to Britain and France to defeat the Germans alone with no US involvement – this would, in Marshall's opinion, expose the US to un-neutral behaviour and put its security at risk.

FDR presented the plans at the meeting, thinking he'd made a good case for the programme. The discussion ran around the room in a light-hearted positive manner, until FDR turned to newly promoted to general rank General General Marshall. "Do you think it's a good proposal George?" Marshall exclaimed that he did not think it's a good idea at all and that there's been a huge misrepresentation of their intimacy, by calling him George and not 'General Marshall'

In the room the ambience, the candour, and the  positive atmosphere changed dramatically, you could have heard a pin drop. All the generals stopped what they were doing and their jaws dropped. Nothing else was said and at the end of the meeting hundreds of other generals shook Marshalls hand and  said, "nice knowing you, good luck." Offering condolences. Every single man, woman and dog in the room knew that Marshalls  bluntness with the most powerful man on the planet, the president of the United States of America, the first time they'd ever met, to publicly attempt to shame the president,  had lost him his whole army career.  

This was in fact the complete opposite. The great, charismatic leader that Franklin D. Roosevelt was, ensured he saw  something phenomenal in George Marshall. Frankness and candour was what bonded these two great leaders. Marshalls bluntness had impressed rather than alienated his superior.

Three months later there was no doubt in the president's mind who would be his 'Chief of Army Staff' when general Malin Craig retired. Roosevelt summoned Marshall to the White House and said "Since I first met you, I have it in mind to choose you as the next Chief of Staff of The United States of America Army. What do you think about that?"
George replied, "Nothing, Mr President, except to remind you I say exactly what I think. And that, as you know, he added, "can often be unpleasing. Is that alright?"

The two men continued a jovial dialogue about this subject matter.

They went on to form the most heralded relationship in Armed Forces history. Displaying the most remarkable partnership to steer the world through World War II.


A recent remarkable operation led by another U.S. leader was the capture of Osama Bin Laden. The location of a man in hiding for 10 years for the most atrocious attacks on humanity was always going to be heavily guarded. It was going to take a team of George C. Marshall’s  bravery, nous and coolness to complete the mission at Abbottabad, Pakistan.    

SEAL Team Six  also known as "Night Stalkers" swooped down and successfully captured the killer in an “intelligence gathering operation.”  which makes for remarkable reading. We can learn much from our armed forces leaders

My Granddad himself was an army leader in the records office. Here I am pictured with him, and my brother Chris in the Snowdonia National Park during the hottest streak of my Junior Athletics life.  Aged thirteen, this was just prior to a memorable cross-country season – I had enjoyed a memorable season on the Track in London.




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Helo App Store



Helo App Store


This is the first  time a wearable device has had its own app store.  An app store with a paradigm just like Apple when they introduced their app store for their tablet and mobile devices. This is a huge revolution for the Helo device.

If you flashback to that time when Apple introduced the App store nobody could believe that the concept would  work.

It  quickly became apparent to Apple that this was not the case and it became one of the concepts of the modern era. For all Apple platforms the iPad the iPhone and Macs the huge drive was because of its app store.  The Android open source platform has one billion users on the network.

We at Wor(l)d want to apply the concept into the wearable technology sphere.

You can buy the product, in this case a Helo LX or Helo LX+  and expand the features and the power of the device itself.

You can choose – if you don’t like an application that measures your the way it measure your bio-parametres you can choose the application that fits your needs.

The same app store that applies to your smartphone can now apply to your wearable device

We are introducing the concept of open api 2.0 open to the developers a wide range of applications. This open API  is open for developers to design a wide range of features too. These functions  can be used to catch all the information and  all the power from the wearable device. From scratch, a new application designed for you the consumer.

This demonstrates that the platform is completely open. You can do whatever you want with this device offering the user a tailor made application that  fits completely with the needs of the user itself.          

Our Heka + App which is now compatible with our Helo LX product  has had a major parameter lift  for its sleep sensing accuracy. The Heka+ app has been a revolution. It will continue to push the boundaries as it will have competition from other third party developers.. Importantly, it is compatible with both the Helo LX and Helo LX + bracelets.  


The sleep calculation is phenomenal technology. It is a massive improvement to the sleep analysis on our previous models.  Once you register your HELO in your online backoffice, you will also gain access to the LifeLog application. You can keep it as long as you like. This is excellent if you’re a seeing multiple specialists for a long period of time, with different drugs being thrown into the mix. You can then observe what the pharmacological effects of said drugs are on your sleep quality! Additionally, because of the large volume of data that the monitor collects, it’s easier to spot correlations between, say, your blood pressure and nightly arousals. Your  HELO and LifelLog   can be used as supplementary evidence by a physician or specialist in order to determine what kind of corrections to make to your sleep patterns.

Two new applications in the pipeline are the Helo Vita Energy and Helo VitaPulse. Both get their advantage from the  sensor on the Helo devices.

Helo VitaPulse allows you to have a complete analysis of your heart by just using the sensor on the Helo, analysing heartbeat and all the parameters the ECG on  the Helo LX and Helo LX+ can offer. The developers have created a complete application. It can give you information about the status of your heart, really detail it. This kind of application can give you information for your physician and doctor.  Although the devices are not medical devices. It is purely for personal use. So, if you detect some problem when alerted on your device please check with your physician or doctor. The technology is accredited even though it is not a certified medical device.

Our Biozen is a medically certified device.

Helo VitaEnergy is interesting, using the same technology as Helo VitaPulse using a process for conducting pulse diagnostics. Electrical and mechanical phenomena occuring in the heart simulating the external signs of a pulse wave with the help of mathematical methods. “Vita Energy” analyses the language of the rhythm of the heart. This allows us to evaluate the work of both the individual organs and systems of the body, and the state of man/woman as a whole.                      

If you think the new features of the apps are interesting and are you are deciding whether to take advantage of wearing and sharing this device as a business opportunity with self-care and helping others in mind,  take a look at the functionality of the device when compared to other devices out there in the market

The HELO is a well-rounded device that offers a plethora of features.

          How Does The HELO Compare With Other Wearables?

            Without needing to get into too much detail, see the comparison below for yourself



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The Power Of The East

18 April 2018


When you look the recent rapid economical transformation achieved in the East, the quickest transformation and progression from poverty to wealth the world has ever seen you cannot help but find it staggering and awe inspiring. East Asia – in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and now, and now the sheer scale and force of China.

So on the ground level why is this interesting.

I went into the scene of my Guinness World Record Breaking Metro superstore which is now a pound shop – half the size, scale and range of my supermarket. They import goods directly from China and Taiwan. High quality Chinese products, selfie sticks, charge packs, USB sticks and in median case average retail this product 500-1000% cheaper than renowned budget stores like Clas Ohlson. This is interesting too because my boss for three years Francis Marra – Retail Director, MD. and COO of multinational retailers speciality is start-ups, business turnaround and consultancy.

He oversaw some phenomenal performance, including personal letters from CEO’s,   during this spellbinding streak of retail success I had as a young boy with no ability in comparison to my experienced more worldly knowledgeable self now. I hadn’t watched one Dragons Den then, I hadn’t been to college to get a 96% accountancy A – Level exam or read John Naylor’s Management book. I hadn’t read any Sir Alex Ferguson, Lord Sugar or Gordon Ramsay books. Nowadays, I can see product and price and appeal of product to a wider spectrum.  The desire to promote Vape as an alternative to tobacco and recruit others to do the same with a possible franchise proposition in future could be revolutionary in terms of long-term health prospects of huge swathes of the  nation. There are categories of the population where the norm is to still smoke. For example,  alcoholic anonymous groups, it can save the NHS millions of pounds each year.  When you hear that governments around the world including Spain have alienated vape businesspersons there is a clear market here.


This is his speciality. Product. Price. Promotions. POS.  He came along to me at Oxford Road, Reading shouting about the four Ps.

How many pound shops, Aldi and Lidl's open in the UK each year and how many renowned high street retailers like Dixons and Woolworths close?  

There will always be a market for selling products cheap on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

How can I source cheap product?  

Cheaper than competitors on Alibaba?

Who,  by the way,  supply  hundreds of thousands of businesses who make a healthy, consistent profit.

By visiting provinces in China away from the unbelievable human history feat that is Guangdong province, and Shenzhen. Wages here have risen to Hong Kong levels.

Sourcing supply lines in areas with little wi-fi or coders to build e-commerce sites.

Yes, I will need consultancy.

I can name three product ranges I would like to retail because I have knowledge in these lines.

Safety shoes will sell online. They will also sell if you have access to more than one thousand warehouse staff at the largest distribution centre in Europe. I only raised 3 percent charity funds on two charity events, the other 97 percent  was all word of mouth.

One metre of tumble-dryer-ducting-hose Great Britain costs £2.19

One metre of tumble-dryer ducting hose in  China costs £0.07


I worked in a factory where it took me 14 hours of a Saturday night to produce  a 100m tumble-dryer-ducting-hose

In China they can produce 800m tumble-dryer-ducting-hose with 8 people for less than it costs for a company in the UK to produce 100m employing one person.

Another method to source cheaper supply is using sites like Import Genius to compare thousands of competitors customs records of supply. You can search a competitor and pull up a page of all the suppliers they have ever used. You can use excel to make a nice formatted  list containing the product they make and which competitor they supply to.

There is a tutorial here.

One of the real strengths of using a supplier using an import records tool is that you can potentially find a supplier not listed on Alibaba. The majority of importers use only Alibaba to find suppliers, so if you’re able to find a supplier not advertising on Alibaba, you’ve immediately eliminated the majority of your competition from selling identical products from the same supplier as you. However along with being a tool to find suppliers, it is a great tool to research suppliers. You can see they are legitimate if they have a long history of supplying to the US. Also its good to size up your orders. If they are only exporting  container loads it will be difficult when it come to Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). If they have a history of exporting small shipments they will be good for negotiating MOQs.

I can  use sites such as Chinese Importing for formulating contracts with suppliers

  • What are the payment terms?
  • What are your shipping terms?
  • When is the order to be completed? Mentioning a penalty for each week of delay is not uncommon
  • What are your packaging requirements?
  • What are your product requirements? Be extremely careful in specifying the materials to be used (it’s quality material on the pretense that you didn’t specify that it was important).

Pre-shipment assurance inspections are surprisingly inexpensive  a third party quality assurance company who goes to your suppliers and inspects the export order (your shipment). You can request this company to do anything from ensuring your label has been included on all of your packaging or to test materials to ensure they meet your requirements. So how much does it cost to have a highly trained third party travel into who-knows-where in the middle of China and spend hours inspecting your shipment/ About $300.

Doing this every so often (especially at the beginning of the relationship with your supplier) is a very good idea. Aside from the obvious reasons of ensuring the products you receive meet your expectations it also keeps your supplier on their toes. If they think there's a possibility someone representing your company may show up to inspect your order prior to shipment they’re much less likely to cut corners than if they know there’s no chance of them ever seeing someone from your company. There are countless 3rd party quality assurance companies in China. Three popular ones are Proqc, SoFeast, and Asia Inspection.

 Vape mod tester samples in beer gardens giving the licensee a small fee will be a lucrative venture. Beverage drinkers are in a happy buying and trying mood. I will negotiate with licensees to simply sample some vape flavours.    

More to come on the power of the east. The way they have demonstrated how to raise economies out of the developing into the developed, the speed at which they’ve done so is the most remarkable feat in the whole human race. The West have to learn from their methods and embrace their knowledge and wisdom.

Beginning in 1997, with seven economies that grew at least 7 percent for at least a quarter of a century.  

  1. Japan
  2. Korea
  3. Taiwan
  4. China
  5. Malaysia
  6. Indonesia
  7. Thailand

East Asia entered a period of reckoning of its own, as the Asian financial crisis took hold. By this point Japan had been the super-power, a mature economy that had just began to face a new set of post-developmental structural problems, ones it showed much less capacity to address than the original challenge of becoming rich. Cracks began to appear, their decline in terms of growth was imminent. Korea, Taiwan and China were still  in development catch-up stage. These states were either unaffected by the Asian crisis or recovered from it quickly returning to brisk growth and technological progress.  

The three topics I will cover in Asian economics a truly astonishing a lesson for us all is

  1. Agriculture –  the most overlooked. This sector employs the vast majority of people in poor countries. Successful Asian States have shown that the way to do this is to restructure agriculture as highly labour intensive household farming – a slightly larger-scale form of gardening. This makes use of all the available labour in a poor economy and pushes up yields and output to phenomenal levels, the highest possible, albeit on the basis on tiny gains per person employed. The overall result is an initial productive surplus that primes demand for goods and services. This drives the economy.
  2. Manufacturing – The second stage is a clear focused drive to direct investment and entrepreneurs towards manufacturing. This is because manufacturing industry makes the most effective use of the limited productive skills of the workforce of a developing economy, as workers begin to migrate out of agriculture. Relatively unskilled labourers create value in factories by working with machines that can be easily purchased on the whole market. In addition, in east asia successful governments pioneered new ways to promote accelerated technological upgrading in manufacturing through subsidies that were conditioned on export performance. This combination of subsidy and export discipline took the pace of industrialisation to a level never  before seen.    
  3. Financial sector – Interventions in this to focus capital on intensive, small scale agriculture and on manufacturing development provide the key to accelerated economic transformation. The states role is to keep money targeted at a development strategy that produces the fastest possible technological learning, and hence the promise of future high profits, rather than on short term returns and individual consumption. This tends to pit the state against many businessmen, and also against consumers, who have shorter strategic horizons.

This economic analysis is critical for small business and start-ups to see what effects and drives economies, the knowledge of this is priceless in small business. It’s similar as a new start-up being proficient in accounting and coding. If the person is not, and has to pay for these two most expensive overheads for a startup then failure is way more likely. Statistics show that  only 50 percent of businesses making through the five year mark. 20 percent fail within a year due to hiring in people to do accountancy and web building roles. Coding gives you the ability to start any business in whatever you like. If This Then That automates everything for you in your business. An eight week coding bootcamp and a book you can begin to build multiple businesses.  


WGN 2.0 Visualising Success


Visualising Success

by Daniel Bennett on April 18


The opportunity with Wor(l)d Global Network is knowing where the crowd will go and getting there first.

The wearable tech marketplace is one which is only just

11 years ago we had no mobile phone apps
9 years ago the first wearable tech device was released.

Look at how far we’ve come in that time.

It the  a Boom industry to be involved in  $40.5BN in revenue forecast for this year alone.


Wearable technology is evolving to help solve some of the healthcare’s biggest problems. Healthcare providers can collect data from patients, as well as use wearable technology to keep doctors connected to co-workers and data without the hassle of a pager or phone system. There have been a number of advancements in the healthcare sector such as introducing hearables, or wireless computing earpieces, and brainwave-reading technology.


This is all incredible news and there are other phenomenal devices like the Vivobarefoot which tracks vital signs of runners with hopes to reduce injury in the future. The shoe monitors real time speed, pace, cadence, foot landing, time on the ground, impact, asymmetry and toe engagement.

The revolutionary thing about the Helo device is the Biozen electrosmog and EMF protection. All of these devices, including the Helo, connect to each other using bluetooth.


The cellphone industry is ready to spend a considerable amount of money to protect its interests. They’ve been known to influence and falsify reports of EMF damage. The problem is there is a huge amount of funding bias and outright manipulation of the science in order to publish studies which show favorable results.

One study found that “men who keep mobiles in a trouser pocket in the talk mode while using a Bluetooth device may experience decreased fertility.“

Just two hours of exposure to high-frequency EMFs from a cell phone or Bluetooth headset, can cause irreparable DNA damage.

We are led to believe that using bluetooth rather than holding a mobile to the ear is much better. Well, that is only the case if the mobile you are connected to is away from your body. The mobile in your pocket the EMF radiation is just the same, arguably worse, because the bluetooth headset is damaging your head and the mobile is harming your organs.    

I have highlighted the uniqueness of the product and its proven ability as a class one medical device. Now, more about the opportunity.  


How many companies with business opportunities do you know that can answer YES to the following simple questions?

  1. Do you have a product or service that EVERYONE can use?
  2. Do you have a product or service that everyone uses, EVERY day?
  3. Is your product or service something that you can’t live without?


At Wor(l)d Global Network

We design a World where the communications are free and powerful, where the users OWN the network and EARN with it.







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Ethereum tokens surely prove the core value of blockchain, made evident by the runaway success that tokens have brought to these new business models.


– – – – X


I attended a live webinar Token Lesson by Niloo Ravaei of Blockgeeks.

The key point Niloo made surmising this blockchain technology, (that will disrupt and infiltrate every aspect of the world as it creates an autonomous society, where your car will book itself in for an MOT, and  will “pop” out and make the journey to and from the garage where another robot will certify its roadworthiness. Your car will find a parking space using satellite GPS photographic imaging while it takes you to the shops as you read a book or watch TV sitting in the rear.  


And a drone will deliver all your mail automatically taking land vehicle  traffic and human labour out of industry.) we must separate the long-term vision of this groundbreaking technology  from the short-term bubble of token Initial Coin Offerings, (ICOs) which is rife with fraud and hype. The token standards and  platform will survive the token mania, become regulated and then will continue to completely change the world.


A regulated paperless cash system that is not answerable to any government or central point/institution is always going to win. Venezuela, Greece, Cyprus, Zimbabwe and South Africa have currency which has recently, and still has spells currency of being worthless in a fungible sense. A loaf of  bread can cost a Zimbabwean person 100 trillion dollars as inflation rises there by 100,000 percent a year. 🍞💰🤑

These people there are going to boycott their own currencies and join the rest of the world. In the cyber/cryptocurrency boom!


Learning about the fungibility in tokens is a key fundamental concept.  Fungibility is where we can sub any single unit of the token for another without any difference in its value or function. Non-fungible is each unit represents a unique item and isn’t interchangeable. EG. One dollar is not more than another dollar.


Cryptokitties is a huge blockchain phenomenon.

These  are fungible tokens

Breeding digital  cats for ethereum (currency) rewards

There are 4 billion types of cat. These are genomes and both the mother and the new CryptoKitten will being available for further breeding immediately after birth.

Note there Tokens are a key fundamental component

“Tokenisation” is a fundamental used in blockchains.

It could be anything from  

  • attestation in marriage
  • A resource storage – lets say for example, a cloud based storage solution.  
  • A currency token.
  • An asset or commodity token.
  • An equity or Decentralised Autonomous Organisation
  • A token to an identity avatar/National ID/National Insurance

The blockchain will eliminate EXTRINSIC transactions in real estate, corporate vending, democratic voting systems, and currency.

The blockchain will encourage the INTRINSIC – this is THE big challenge the blockchain is working on.


Tokens are used for a wide range of uses. Those other than use  of the tangible and intangible uses I listed above. A utility token of Eth as Gas – while it is is intangible, it is a use token, to use for funding functions on the blockchain. An equity token represents shares in a start-up business,  they are a great fundraising mechanism through a regulated token sale.

There will be  minimum specification for implementation of a token.

The “tokenisation” premise in blockchain  is to encourage the interoperability between contracts.


All wallets, exchanges, user interfaces, can interface in a predictable way with any token contract that follows the standard.

Examples of implementations and specs can be found on GitHub. Here is an example of a cryptokitty token with implementation code from the ERC721 used on the solidity platform on ethereum, to formulate smart contracts.   


“When the Blockchain has passed the challenge of regulation and eliminated corruption these things will change world”   

-Niloo Ravaei



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WGN 2.0 Leaders

Wor(l)d Global Network Leaders!

by Daniel Bennett on April 18 2018

Antonio De Rosa


Our Chief Product Designer Antonio De Rosa  won us back to back awards at Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas. His design portfolio is second to none.  Antonio began to have a considerable reputation for introducing concepts on the web regarding future Apple products, like the iWatch (2010), iCam (2011), respectively prototype of a watch and a camera Apple branded, in addition to a long list of acclaimed iPhone mockups, published on the most important IT magazines in the world.

Amongst his greatest feats before he made the enviable decision, of becoming Chief Designer Officer and SVP Marketing and Communication of WOR(l)D GN. He won back to back awards at this technology show which is the envy of the Eastern world – Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore dream of staging a technology showcase of such esteem. Antonio, won the Best Innovation Award at CES for two years in a row (2014 / 2015) for his work CEO of Socialmatic LLC, a new IT Photo-Company focused on creativity and innovative products,

At the CES – the most high profile and renowned technology show in the world playing host to 2.5 million guests in three days, our booth was the talk of the town when we revealed our blood alcohol sensor and sugar trend level monitor.  

Apple, who were next door, were envious of our groundbreaking breakthroughs, and advancements where interest was rife throughout the three days.

Apple were covetous of Antonio, who is on our team now.

Our booth there cost the company half a million pounds and was a hive of activity showcasing live demonstrations, and a live TV studio which revealed our innovations to crowds of the biggest players in global technology.  

Fabio Galdi

Our Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of World Media and Technology Corp and World Global Network PLC – Fabio Galdi is a pre-eminent  name in global technology. His motto has always been, “How we can make the world a better place, helping others – by network marketing.” he exclaims, “We can’t make the world a better place with one man alone.” With networking we can use the power of the crowd to generate, create, and  empower others. Always at the forefront of technology, as far back as 1994 the early years of the web  Fabio founded the largest Internet Service Provider in Italy. At the time the People’s Network was the fifth largest ISP in Europe. He built this business up and expanded his activity into the UK in 1996.

 In 1997 he founded Mecotek International, an IT based company in Singapore – a highly developed free market economy and ranked as the most open and innovative and pro business in the world. He served as president and chairman of the board responsible for product strategy. He led Mecotek into many new many new business ventures and opened  manufacturing plants and personal computer projects which were rolled out throughout Italy with the marines and special forces. In 2005 he founded his first network marketing company specialising in telecommunications and created one of the first consumer-based VoIP applications in Europe, Russia, and Latin America. Within three years he had developed the business into more than 50 countries, with 250,000 subscribers and 75,000 distributors, thanks to the innovative Multidimensional Marketing business model that topped more than $100million dollars in revenue.

Alessandro Senatore

Alessandro Senatore

Our founder and Chief Operating Officer Alessandro Senatore devised the lucrative compensation plan attached to the opportunity. The core principle of reward for hard work and dedication he has evolved the plan for associates to prosper and encourage and help others to do the same as themselves. His hard work and dedication have ensured the company has a AAA+ opportunity rating. Wor(l)d is one of only a few network marketing companies to have such an accolade. We also are ahead of the rest winning the number one product in the direct selling industry voted for by business for home.

Our successful business leaders have achieved success rapidly because of the compensation and reward plans Alessandro has put into place. The rise to the top of the work from home ranks for Chanida and Nat Puranaputra and Chad and Nattida Chong has showcased the capabilities and the power of the plans Alessandro has devised. The couples occupy places in the top 5 work from home business owners, they achieved this in far less time than other top earners in the ranks, all because of the extremely lucrative compensation and reward plan formulated  by founder – Alessandro Senatore.

Chad and Nattida do twice weekly calls to the whole network. They showcase the success stories, the  holidays the company provide for successful ranks in the plan, the technical aspect of the innovations with the apps, invite guest speakers to present their personal success stories, this generates huge excitement and interest for new team members to grow their business and develop their passion for Wor(l)d Global Network.


Business from home is a very attractive concept and it is unwise to look upon it as something that only a select few can do. Building a residual income that earns you income while you sleep is an attractive incentive. You can have an off day and do nothing, but because you have found a person on your left and a person on your right, who have both found  someone on their left and right too, you will earn because you are the founder of that stream – the leader of that team.  

Many people are counting down the days to their retirement in a job they can’t wait to see the back of. When they retire their state pension will not reward them with the life they deserve for working so hard all their lives. With a home-based business and a compensation plan and reward based system that is incomparable to other schemes of this nature, because we are in groundbreaking wearable technology and apps – the biggest growth sector in the world in recent years and forecast to continue and to gather pace into the twenties, people have an option to have fulfilled retirements with no financial worries and freedom to travel and see the world while they still can.

Romacio Fulcher came upon success expeditiously with the company, his monthly earnings with world topping $340,000. He became the fastest US president millionaire in just 3 weeks, and double president millionaire in 3 months. He attributes his success to following Nat and Chanida and Chad and Nattida their stories and methods they used to build their business. A background in mortgage and real estate he entered the network marketing business 10 years ago pioneering successful practices himself. His success with WGN goes to show what a phenomenal platform is available for all in this business.  

Having been on calls with Romacio I can instantly see why he’s had such a whirlwind success – he’s serious about the business while being both entertaining, and jocular – all in his cause for helping, influencing,  guiding, and engaging others into achieving what he has achieved himself.

Alessandro spent time in Singapore too at Telme Communication Pte Ltd. When you consider the CEO Fabio Galdi did too, for many years at Mecotek, it is from both their time here the leaders decided, when founding Wor(l)d  to locate the business in Singapore. Here, where the proficiency of  English speaking residents is by far the highest in Asia, making it an attractive place for multinational companies.

Our leaders are all very approachable and make themselves available to all team members, builders, developers and higher ranks within the business. It is this family spirit environment that works so well for many other leaders to rise within the ranks of earners while fulfilling their goals of developing others around them to do the same.

In this slideshow showcased by Wor(l)d Global in India the remarkable business is illustrated in its full glory.

Next, I will blog about the visions for the future the 7 key components.

Alessandro Senatore







Business Store





WGN 2.0 Product Promise Brochure Part 1

Wor(l)d Global Network

WGN 2.0

April 16, 2018

At Wor(l)d Global Network we are category creators. There are a plethora of wearable devices on the market. Last year alone there were 164 million wearable bracelets sold around the world. That’s a lot of people buying a lot of products in this space. With the innovations currently going live, together with  road map planning going forward, this is the PREMIER network marketing opportunity to be part of. A 10 per cent market share of units sold is an easily achievable goal.

I can safely say, after coming up short on a 10 percent goal many moons ago, in our  attempts to disrupt the local Asda, in my discount days, this company is innovatively ploughing into the most exciting and worthwhile industry. We are at the forefront of global sensing technology. We are able to formulate and regulate your diet, through biometric sensing and DNA profiling by using skin profiling.  ,

Everyone wants to live longer and here at Wor(l)d Global we have the most cutting edge life sensing technology folks.

The millennials are driving innovation in the space of health and fitness, lifestyle & wellness monitoring. The growth in this sector is something that would excite anybody, even those who think they may have everything they want and could ever need in their life, there’s the aspect of helping others, about doing something profound for friends, relatives and colleagues who may have a goal or ambition they wish to fulfill, but are unable     You don’t have to be some master statistician, number crunching,  probability wielding, whizz-kidding accountant to see that a $14m revenue to a $164m in four years is something phenomenal. Where else can you start a business with figures like that for no start-up cost with a loyalty program and compensation plan to have you drooling at your luck being in like never before.  

There is a wave –  a surging growth pattern. You have to follow the trend as Bill Gates said, “you have to identify  the place where the crowd are going, and you have to get there first.” We have phenomenal new innovations. The life sensing technologies are personal to you – life sensing technology alters your way of thinking, changing undesirable habits by giving you warnings about things such as UV ray exposure and oxygenation. This product helps to protect your life. 

The company are consistently innovating with third parties, who are designing  apps and increasing functionality of the product, this is limited only by a developers imagination.

The opportunity to be part of something so groundbreaking is the exciting aspect of the Wor(l)d Global. Once you are part of it you will evolve and develop personally, while the technology does the same moving into new spheres of technological advancements .

The sky’s the limit when you consider what the product can do already. Technology moves so fast who knows what is beyond the the road map of innovation in the diagram.   




The tech game moves fast its a flexible plethora of spaces and markets to advance into by intertwining the product base with third party health and fitness product ranges.

At Wor(l)d Global we have a medically certified product that’s clinically proven to put the body under less stress. There is key medical evidence to prove that Electromagnetic Fields upset circadian rhythms in the body, melatonin the sleep inducing chemical produced naturally by the body levels at nightime.

The device helps to resolve a medically documented problem. Currently, in your workplace there are many, many devices that transmit Electromagnetic Fields. More so now than ever,  There’s a strong case to say that in a few years down the line companies will get reprimanded in a similar way to the asbestos debacle of the 1980s.

I learned yesterday that mobile phone ownership will go from 3.96 billion to 5.07 billion by the end of 2018. Remarkable stat is that.

How about this one.

Ten years ago there were no mobile apps and bluetooth connectivity was less prevalent. In 2012, there were 3.5 BILLION bluetooth-enabled devices,  in 2018 there are 10 BILLION bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth transmits concerning levels of EMF

If you have an office where the use of bluetooth devices is frequent. Bear in mind, that a mobile phone where the bluetooth is switched on, but not in use, is still generating and  emitting EMF signals. Wireless routers in an office are just another add-on to these cariogenic,  harmful magnetic pollutants.

In my next post I will write about our leaders.

The innovators who shape our revolutionary opportunity

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