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Helo App Store!

WGN 2.0


There are many third party developers working on applications for the Helo App Store.

Mind Body Logic app is similar to Heka+ although with a wider range of features and functionality. There will be a choice of applications to install on your smartphone. You decide which app you like best. If you like a certain simple easy-to-use interface then you can choose that. If you like an application that gives you a plethora of useful information and data – Mind Body Logic could be the one for you. MBL is like a mixture of Wor(l)ds other apps Heka+, Helo VitaPulse, & Helo VitaEnergy all together in one place. It’ll give you a lot of information about your body, each reading making a deep analysis. It includes a complete dashboard with a message reminder system about some parameters that are not in the correct range for your body. You can also involve members of your family giving you a snapshot of your loved ones vital statistics and current wellness situation.

This is a vital application for the Helo device.

The concept designer Antonio De Rosa is very much excited and looking forward to going live with Mind, Body, Logic.

An important step for WCOR (Wor(l)d Global Network) is the revolutionary LIFELOG DNA.

This is a very important development for mobile self-health care. Helo LX, Helo LX + and Lifelog will marry together a comprehensive wealth of information, about, not only your static data and real time data about your health, but also all the things related to your DNA.

Thanks to a DNA kit that will be released matching the information. Your real-time bio-parameters, your static health, and all the information that comes from your own DNA.

We are going to see one of the most complete platforms ever designed to give an in depth analysis of our human bodies. Using various bio-metrics which can give you a complete snapshot of your health.

  • Dynamic display of the LifeLog DNA & Wellness Report
  • Personalised nutrition recommendations based upon genetically optimized macronutrient wheel. For example, supplement recommendations.
  • Integrations with Helo smart bands to track fitness. There will be a fitness video and coaching manual to accompany
  • Body vision morphing to track health progress
  • 150+ customisable fitness videos
  • App provides a powerful tool to share informatics with care providers (HIPAA compliant)

The application features a dashboard where the Helo device enables you to monitor the calories you have consumed during the day. You will be able to log your caloric intake and measure that up to the devices tracker of your steps and activities. You application collates and graphs the information, using your energy, caloric, and movement data. This will always be accurate information, having calibrated the device correctly, containing the vital statistics of your body.

There’s also a video showing you the correct form to have during exercises.

This is an exciting prospect for Helo LX, Helo LX + and Lifelog to marry together to give you a complete set of data, real-time data about your health but also all the things related to your DNA – your real-time bio-parameters of your health. With all the information that comes from your DNA. Antonio De Rosa thinks that we are going to see one of the most complete and exciting platforms to understand the body of each and every one of us. Connecting an infinite number of biometrics to give you a complete snapshot of your health.

You are profiling your genetics using your DNA, your relatives, your ancestry – everything is connected to your history. Everything based on your genetic history. This will be useful for you for information for who you are but just as much to assist your physician/Doctor if you want to avoid some health problem from occurring. It is a revolution in the concept of mobile health.

This is possible due to this marriage between the concept of DNA profiling and the technology capabilities of Helo LX and Helo LX+.

One application that is due for release, in the Helo App Store, bringing in a new era for fitness, is the Helo Fit Pro.

The Helo Fit Pro.

WGN launched the Helo Fit Pro at the CES at Las Vegas.

Features included on the Helo Fit Pro:

  • Voice Notification for your running session and workout
  • Performance Parameter Settings
  • Advanced Report With Tracking Path For Performance Analysis
  • Weather Forecast
  • Scheduling Sessions
  • Session Listing
  • Sharing Sessions With Other Users
  • Deleting Sessions
  • Inviting Friends For Sessions
  • Listing Friends Status Wise (Pending/Accepted/Not Invited)
  • Invitation Screen For Accepting or Declining Invitations
  • Notifications For Mobile And Device Battery
  • Setting For HR Range, Speed, Calories, And Distance
  • Settings For Frequency Information And System Settings
  • Advance Location Capture Mechanism
  • Draw Path Over Map
  • Advanced Report With Tracking Path For Performance Analysis
  • Collecting Parameters Like HR, Calories, Steps, Speed, and Altitude

The developers have done a special job. From a technology point of view, this is just the first of a new era of fitness apps for Helo devices.

The feedback of the users is always of paramount importance to us and will help to improve our product day by day.

A bit of the future…

Coming up a report into the speech from our CEO Fabio Galdi. During his exciting address to the leaders he gave important information about the positioning of the company. The market trend – where the market is going. When we talk about the technology, the wearable device, we can also talk about how our life-sensing technology can be such a trend setter in the global IoT healthcare tech sector.

by Daniel Bennett on April 26







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