Helo App Store



Helo App Store


This is the first  time a wearable device has had its own app store.  An app store with a paradigm just like Apple when they introduced their app store for their tablet and mobile devices. This is a huge revolution for the Helo device.

If you flashback to that time when Apple introduced the App store nobody could believe that the concept would  work.

It  quickly became apparent to Apple that this was not the case and it became one of the concepts of the modern era. For all Apple platforms the iPad the iPhone and Macs the huge drive was because of its app store.  The Android open source platform has one billion users on the network.

We at Wor(l)d want to apply the concept into the wearable technology sphere.

You can buy the product, in this case a Helo LX or Helo LX+  and expand the features and the power of the device itself.

You can choose – if you don’t like an application that measures your the way it measure your bio-parametres you can choose the application that fits your needs.

The same app store that applies to your smartphone can now apply to your wearable device

We are introducing the concept of open api 2.0 open to the developers a wide range of applications. This open API  is open for developers to design a wide range of features too. These functions  can be used to catch all the information and  all the power from the wearable device. From scratch, a new application designed for you the consumer.

This demonstrates that the platform is completely open. You can do whatever you want with this device offering the user a tailor made application that  fits completely with the needs of the user itself.          

Our Heka + App which is now compatible with our Helo LX product  has had a major parameter lift  for its sleep sensing accuracy. The Heka+ app has been a revolution. It will continue to push the boundaries as it will have competition from other third party developers.. Importantly, it is compatible with both the Helo LX and Helo LX + bracelets.  


The sleep calculation is phenomenal technology. It is a massive improvement to the sleep analysis on our previous models.  Once you register your HELO in your online backoffice, you will also gain access to the LifeLog application. You can keep it as long as you like. This is excellent if you’re a seeing multiple specialists for a long period of time, with different drugs being thrown into the mix. You can then observe what the pharmacological effects of said drugs are on your sleep quality! Additionally, because of the large volume of data that the monitor collects, it’s easier to spot correlations between, say, your blood pressure and nightly arousals. Your  HELO and LifelLog   can be used as supplementary evidence by a physician or specialist in order to determine what kind of corrections to make to your sleep patterns.

Two new applications in the pipeline are the Helo Vita Energy and Helo VitaPulse. Both get their advantage from the  sensor on the Helo devices.

Helo VitaPulse allows you to have a complete analysis of your heart by just using the sensor on the Helo, analysing heartbeat and all the parameters the ECG on  the Helo LX and Helo LX+ can offer. The developers have created a complete application. It can give you information about the status of your heart, really detail it. This kind of application can give you information for your physician and doctor.  Although the devices are not medical devices. It is purely for personal use. So, if you detect some problem when alerted on your device please check with your physician or doctor. The technology is accredited even though it is not a certified medical device.

Our Biozen is a medically certified device.

Helo VitaEnergy is interesting, using the same technology as Helo VitaPulse using a process for conducting pulse diagnostics. Electrical and mechanical phenomena occuring in the heart simulating the external signs of a pulse wave with the help of mathematical methods. “Vita Energy” analyses the language of the rhythm of the heart. This allows us to evaluate the work of both the individual organs and systems of the body, and the state of man/woman as a whole.                      

If you think the new features of the apps are interesting and are you are deciding whether to take advantage of wearing and sharing this device as a business opportunity with self-care and helping others in mind,  take a look at the functionality of the device when compared to other devices out there in the market

The HELO is a well-rounded device that offers a plethora of features.

          How Does The HELO Compare With Other Wearables?

            Without needing to get into too much detail, see the comparison below for yourself



Business Store





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