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Wor(l)d Global Network Leaders!

by Daniel Bennett on April 18 2018

Antonio De Rosa


Our Chief Product Designer Antonio De Rosa  won us back to back awards at Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas. His design portfolio is second to none.  Antonio began to have a considerable reputation for introducing concepts on the web regarding future Apple products, like the iWatch (2010), iCam (2011), respectively prototype of a watch and a camera Apple branded, in addition to a long list of acclaimed iPhone mockups, published on the most important IT magazines in the world.

Amongst his greatest feats before he made the enviable decision, of becoming Chief Designer Officer and SVP Marketing and Communication of WOR(l)D GN. He won back to back awards at this technology show which is the envy of the Eastern world – Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore dream of staging a technology showcase of such esteem. Antonio, won the Best Innovation Award at CES for two years in a row (2014 / 2015) for his work CEO of Socialmatic LLC, a new IT Photo-Company focused on creativity and innovative products,

At the CES – the most high profile and renowned technology show in the world playing host to 2.5 million guests in three days, our booth was the talk of the town when we revealed our blood alcohol sensor and sugar trend level monitor.  

Apple, who were next door, were envious of our groundbreaking breakthroughs, and advancements where interest was rife throughout the three days.

Apple were covetous of Antonio, who is on our team now.

Our booth there cost the company half a million pounds and was a hive of activity showcasing live demonstrations, and a live TV studio which revealed our innovations to crowds of the biggest players in global technology.  

Fabio Galdi

Our Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of World Media and Technology Corp and World Global Network PLC – Fabio Galdi is a pre-eminent  name in global technology. His motto has always been, “How we can make the world a better place, helping others – by network marketing.” he exclaims, “We can’t make the world a better place with one man alone.” With networking we can use the power of the crowd to generate, create, and  empower others. Always at the forefront of technology, as far back as 1994 the early years of the web  Fabio founded the largest Internet Service Provider in Italy. At the time the People’s Network was the fifth largest ISP in Europe. He built this business up and expanded his activity into the UK in 1996.

 In 1997 he founded Mecotek International, an IT based company in Singapore – a highly developed free market economy and ranked as the most open and innovative and pro business in the world. He served as president and chairman of the board responsible for product strategy. He led Mecotek into many new many new business ventures and opened  manufacturing plants and personal computer projects which were rolled out throughout Italy with the marines and special forces. In 2005 he founded his first network marketing company specialising in telecommunications and created one of the first consumer-based VoIP applications in Europe, Russia, and Latin America. Within three years he had developed the business into more than 50 countries, with 250,000 subscribers and 75,000 distributors, thanks to the innovative Multidimensional Marketing business model that topped more than $100million dollars in revenue.

Alessandro Senatore

Alessandro Senatore

Our founder and Chief Operating Officer Alessandro Senatore devised the lucrative compensation plan attached to the opportunity. The core principle of reward for hard work and dedication he has evolved the plan for associates to prosper and encourage and help others to do the same as themselves. His hard work and dedication have ensured the company has a AAA+ opportunity rating. Wor(l)d is one of only a few network marketing companies to have such an accolade. We also are ahead of the rest winning the number one product in the direct selling industry voted for by business for home.

Our successful business leaders have achieved success rapidly because of the compensation and reward plans Alessandro has put into place. The rise to the top of the work from home ranks for Chanida and Nat Puranaputra and Chad and Nattida Chong has showcased the capabilities and the power of the plans Alessandro has devised. The couples occupy places in the top 5 work from home business owners, they achieved this in far less time than other top earners in the ranks, all because of the extremely lucrative compensation and reward plan formulated  by founder – Alessandro Senatore.

Chad and Nattida do twice weekly calls to the whole network. They showcase the success stories, the  holidays the company provide for successful ranks in the plan, the technical aspect of the innovations with the apps, invite guest speakers to present their personal success stories, this generates huge excitement and interest for new team members to grow their business and develop their passion for Wor(l)d Global Network.


Business from home is a very attractive concept and it is unwise to look upon it as something that only a select few can do. Building a residual income that earns you income while you sleep is an attractive incentive. You can have an off day and do nothing, but because you have found a person on your left and a person on your right, who have both found  someone on their left and right too, you will earn because you are the founder of that stream – the leader of that team.  

Many people are counting down the days to their retirement in a job they can’t wait to see the back of. When they retire their state pension will not reward them with the life they deserve for working so hard all their lives. With a home-based business and a compensation plan and reward based system that is incomparable to other schemes of this nature, because we are in groundbreaking wearable technology and apps – the biggest growth sector in the world in recent years and forecast to continue and to gather pace into the twenties, people have an option to have fulfilled retirements with no financial worries and freedom to travel and see the world while they still can.

Romacio Fulcher came upon success expeditiously with the company, his monthly earnings with world topping $340,000. He became the fastest US president millionaire in just 3 weeks, and double president millionaire in 3 months. He attributes his success to following Nat and Chanida and Chad and Nattida their stories and methods they used to build their business. A background in mortgage and real estate he entered the network marketing business 10 years ago pioneering successful practices himself. His success with WGN goes to show what a phenomenal platform is available for all in this business.  

Having been on calls with Romacio I can instantly see why he’s had such a whirlwind success – he’s serious about the business while being both entertaining, and jocular – all in his cause for helping, influencing,  guiding, and engaging others into achieving what he has achieved himself.

Alessandro spent time in Singapore too at Telme Communication Pte Ltd. When you consider the CEO Fabio Galdi did too, for many years at Mecotek, it is from both their time here the leaders decided, when founding Wor(l)d  to locate the business in Singapore. Here, where the proficiency of  English speaking residents is by far the highest in Asia, making it an attractive place for multinational companies.

Our leaders are all very approachable and make themselves available to all team members, builders, developers and higher ranks within the business. It is this family spirit environment that works so well for many other leaders to rise within the ranks of earners while fulfilling their goals of developing others around them to do the same.

In this slideshow showcased by Wor(l)d Global in India the remarkable business is illustrated in its full glory.

Next, I will blog about the visions for the future the 7 key components.

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