WGN 2.0 Product Promise Brochure Part 1

Wor(l)d Global Network

WGN 2.0

April 16, 2018

At Wor(l)d Global Network we are category creators. There are a plethora of wearable devices on the market. Last year alone there were 164 million wearable bracelets sold around the world. That’s a lot of people buying a lot of products in this space. With the innovations currently going live, together with  road map planning going forward, this is the PREMIER network marketing opportunity to be part of. A 10 per cent market share of units sold is an easily achievable goal.

I can safely say, after coming up short on a 10 percent goal many moons ago, in our  attempts to disrupt the local Asda, in my discount days, this company is innovatively ploughing into the most exciting and worthwhile industry. We are at the forefront of global sensing technology. We are able to formulate and regulate your diet, through biometric sensing and DNA profiling by using skin profiling.  ,

Everyone wants to live longer and here at Wor(l)d Global we have the most cutting edge life sensing technology folks.

The millennials are driving innovation in the space of health and fitness, lifestyle & wellness monitoring. The growth in this sector is something that would excite anybody, even those who think they may have everything they want and could ever need in their life, there’s the aspect of helping others, about doing something profound for friends, relatives and colleagues who may have a goal or ambition they wish to fulfill, but are unable     You don’t have to be some master statistician, number crunching,  probability wielding, whizz-kidding accountant to see that a $14m revenue to a $164m in four years is something phenomenal. Where else can you start a business with figures like that for no start-up cost with a loyalty program and compensation plan to have you drooling at your luck being in like never before.  

There is a wave –  a surging growth pattern. You have to follow the trend as Bill Gates said, “you have to identify  the place where the crowd are going, and you have to get there first.” We have phenomenal new innovations. The life sensing technologies are personal to you – life sensing technology alters your way of thinking, changing undesirable habits by giving you warnings about things such as UV ray exposure and oxygenation. This product helps to protect your life. 

The company are consistently innovating with third parties, who are designing  apps and increasing functionality of the product, this is limited only by a developers imagination.

The opportunity to be part of something so groundbreaking is the exciting aspect of the Wor(l)d Global. Once you are part of it you will evolve and develop personally, while the technology does the same moving into new spheres of technological advancements .

The sky’s the limit when you consider what the product can do already. Technology moves so fast who knows what is beyond the the road map of innovation in the diagram.   




The tech game moves fast its a flexible plethora of spaces and markets to advance into by intertwining the product base with third party health and fitness product ranges.

At Wor(l)d Global we have a medically certified product that’s clinically proven to put the body under less stress. There is key medical evidence to prove that Electromagnetic Fields upset circadian rhythms in the body, melatonin the sleep inducing chemical produced naturally by the body levels at nightime.

The device helps to resolve a medically documented problem. Currently, in your workplace there are many, many devices that transmit Electromagnetic Fields. More so now than ever,  There’s a strong case to say that in a few years down the line companies will get reprimanded in a similar way to the asbestos debacle of the 1980s.

I learned yesterday that mobile phone ownership will go from 3.96 billion to 5.07 billion by the end of 2018. Remarkable stat is that.

How about this one.

Ten years ago there were no mobile apps and bluetooth connectivity was less prevalent. In 2012, there were 3.5 BILLION bluetooth-enabled devices,  in 2018 there are 10 BILLION bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth transmits concerning levels of EMF

If you have an office where the use of bluetooth devices is frequent. Bear in mind, that a mobile phone where the bluetooth is switched on, but not in use, is still generating and  emitting EMF signals. Wireless routers in an office are just another add-on to these cariogenic,  harmful magnetic pollutants.

In my next post I will write about our leaders.

The innovators who shape our revolutionary opportunity

Watch our launch video

by Dan Bennett

Read more on our website

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