April 03, 2018

I want to share with you my journey of learning coding and blockchain. I have written lots about blockchain and how it will change the world like no other technology has and will ever get close to. Here, I share with you my plans for learning to code and the avenues something like this can open for everyone. Especially for children. If your kids don’t embrace new technology Blockchain and Coding they will be left behind.  

Coders are people with superpowers. I will explain to you why.

One book can teach you to become proficient in six coding programme languages if you have a reasonable level of bell curve IQ.

Once you have learned various languages your newfound coding skills instantly render you highly sought after. You have a multitude of options. You can advance your career with employers, and start your own business at the same time, have the flexibility of becoming freelance immediately.  Full-time freelance coders are well numerated and have the flexibility of working in a range of industries. More than half of coders are in healthcare and manufacturing two areas where coders are extremely highly sought after due to the constraints and competitive nature of the work respectively. It is a career that you can ‘dip your toe into’ by completing small projects if you have other areas such as charity you may be focusing on.

This is not some ‘get rich quick scheme,’ you need to build a portfolio and compile a cv. The most productive activity you can do to begin with while you are reading the books is to begin a website producing content a wordpress blog is a good tool to do this with and when you are ready you can purchase a theme for £35  from sites such as themeforest  or template monster Take some time to view some of the best developers’ portfolio sites, and include their best features. Project stories are particularly useful to potential clients.

Changing career to become a coder is a smooth journey & process once you start to produce content online for people to see it.. A blog with both technical and non-technical content is a phenomenal showcase of your skills. Once you read a coding book you are able to play with interfaces and build apps and websites. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – a simple weight conversion calculator or percentage calculator with your own design is a great example of content. This will build your portfolio quickly and you can find out what you enjoy doing along the way.

Coding is a phenomenal choice for a future career. Coders are well paid, often have a significant amount of freedom to pursue all other business interests and hobbies around ‘dipping their toes’ into coding projects. Often the coder will not need to conform to other office protocols, they are there to solve problems and are in demand to solve and move on.

Of course, as with anything there are drawbacks.  If you are working for a company solving problems you won’t be on the salary you would be on after working in the industry for a few years. Deadlines can be tight, and hours can be long, overcoming these challenges will enable you to build your portfolio.

This is where there are two options.

Broadly speaking there are two main career paths for a coder. You can simply get better and better at solving problems at companies working your way up to a higher level with experience, solving more difficult problems. This is a route suited to the person who researches all the finer points of a programming language book. A person who likes to investigate all the facts, someone always interested in the finite details of how everything works.

After a while, these people are very well rewarded, when their portfolio and reputation builds you will be headhunted by new-start-ups and offered potentially lucrative stock options.

The other option is to take the management/leadership focussed route. After a couple of years learning code and building a portfolio online, you might find your time is better spent training, helping, influencing and managing others.  You will still programme but you will influence others into becoming skilled by spreading your passion. This path is more suited to someone who enjoys coding, but also appreciates the benefits of upskilling others and influencing others into giving children a vision for the future. In this path you will have more control over the direction of a project.

Of course these are two broad options. There are many routes you can take within these, deciding which developing role is the one for you.

Fortunately, the options are remarkable. It is very easy to try out coding as a career by doing freelance work and small projects in whatever business, or with whom you want to. It is not difficult to become a jack-of-all-trades in coding by ‘dipping  your toes in’


By learning a few languages.

For web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Python for back-end, or server-side development.  

For app development: Swift for iOS apps, and Java for Android. Also, you can look briefly at Applescript and Powershell for automation.

Web Development 

is the most broad in terms of the sheer numbers of jobs and projects available. There are a couple more languages to focus on if web development is a sole interest. The first is  PHP the most widely used server-side language (80 percent of websites use PHP at the moment). WordPress is written in PHP and it is an extremely quick way to build way to build a simple site. MySQL is an essential database language. Databases are a critical component of most websites and apps, they are used to store data, such as usernames, passwords and user content.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

And a  rudimentary knowledge of  PHP and MySQL is enough to build sites to add to your portfolio. There are branches and forks to discover on the journey iQuery is a common JavaScript library that makes working with Java a lot easier. If Python is something you enjoy then look at Django, a popular framework for building websites with python. Ruby is another server-side language that is increasing in popularity. The key here is to learn the languages and platforms as needed – build websites for yourself and others – don’t get bogged down with learning too much without a need for it at the time.

App Development

If you would like to build apps, your choices are a little more restricted. Although there are lots of options available, unless there is a strong reason to do the best practice is to stick to languages and IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) covered in basic programming books. This is Swift and Xcode for iOs development and Java and Android Studio for Android. These are the most straightforward, and most documented, ways to build apps. If you are not sure which direction you wish to go in, just keep an open mind and keep building things an hour or two a week devote to building. It is likely you will develop a preference for, or you may be offered a role in a particular area, but if that doesn’t happen the key is with apps just  keep learning.

Have a GitHub page. It is a very popular site for storing code, usually for open-source applications. If you can practice building simple tools like an iPhone calculator app put it on the Github page. Not only will it help other people but it will give you an other place to share your talents. You can contribute to open-source projects here as well. It’s a great way of giving back to the community which provided you with free tools to use websites and apps.

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Getting Freelance Jobs

Once we have learned some language.

This guy Rob Percival just told me this. One of the great advantages of coding as a new career choice is that you can start to earn money from it straight away as a freelancer. Even if you have relatively little coding experience, you can always find jobs that suit your level. Of course, never claim to be able to complete a job that you won’t be able to do, but at the same time do not underestimate yourself. Be confident when looking for freelance work, and commit to doing a great job for your client. A coder who can do accounting too for sole traders and private business is exceedingly well sought after.

You have to remember early on when you are setting out on a freelance coding career, there is one important thing to remember: in the early days, you are not primarily there to earn money. This may sound strange but it’s true: your primary goals are to learn your craft and build a portfolio of well presented public work. Those two things are far more valuable than whatever you might earn from a freelance gig, so any money you earn is a bonus. This is the attitude adopted by good directors and CEOs their will to develop those around them being decisive and taking risks is why they are senior directors and CEOs.


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