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Writing Online To Empower Yourself

by Daniel Bennett on March 24

At this point, you’re probably thinking ‘I don’t have anything to write about.’

That is not true.

You may not feel particularly unique, but you are the only person in the world with your set of experiences, skills, and hobbies.

I would be very surprised if there wasn’t something you believe in, care about, know more about than most people, and would like to share with the world.

If you are not sure what you might write about, grab a pen and blank piece of paper. Write down 20 topics that you are interested in.

These might be hobbies, styles of music or art, regions of the world, sport, issues related to your job, charitable or political causes, technology, or anything else.

Think about which topics you are keen to write about, and you might feel you are in a good position to share and dissect and discuss.

The best blog writing is informed and passionate, but those who set up successful blogs are rarely great authorities on their subject.

They are just normal people who commit to creating quality content regularly.

If you are still not sure what to write about, you might just choose to be very honest about the areas of work you are interested in, regardless of your industry.

It is very powerful means presenting your knowledge in a document. It also is a pretty impressive thing for an employer to see, when presenting to intelligent people in organisations.

An interview with prospective suitors will give the selection panel a chance to meet you in person to discover your passion about the role you are pursuing.  

A video of yourself on social media will give the selection panel an indication if you are comfortable talking about a subject in public. Public speaking is a desired skill.

From my own personal experience as a young Guinness World Record Breaking Retail General Manager it was a necessity for me to develop this.

People learn from personal criticism, stressors and weakness.

My first meeting in my official role  (I had previously been to general managers meetings covering absence), was a personal learning curve.  

I was asked, unexpectedly, to present to the fellow managers about what I had been  achieving, and what were my next steps and goals.

First up, I froze, I was fifteen years younger than all the others. I just explained that I worry about perfection. Everything in my domain has to be perfect or I worry myself to distraction. That is all I said.

The area manager who had promoted me three places up the hierarchical ladder two weeks previous spoke at length about the details of what I actually had achieved.

Transforming a store with a court order for closure hanging over it to a waived appearance, and a pat on the back as a goodwill gesture from the EHO officer.

Selling out of Easter Eggs that had sat at the rear of the warehouse for months. Increasing sales from £48k to two consecutive weeks of £66k+

Deep cleaning the shopfloor and warehouse immediately with all the teams. Opening up florists, fruit and veg, and sandwich departments in-store.

Leading the team and reinvigorating the groups away from playing football in the warehouse to following me and putting all their energy into their roles.

Dismissing one of the management team for embezzlement and recruiting another who would turn out to be the most loyal and trusted aide. Who followed me wherever I went.

There were many more things Paul relayed to the others to make them all aware of the monumental effort I had made and how satisfied he was with me.

In the future I was more comfortable speaking at these meetings and I gained great lessons in body language, public speaking and communication skills, from these weekly meetings and courses in my role, in office,  at the three stores I was in sole control of.    



You could just get a book about something you are passionate about and rewrite the text from the book in your own words. When you do this you are learning too so you are killing two birds with one stone – creating high class content and sharing it online with a potential audience of 3 billion + users.  Through quality research, during the process, you are learning new skills and sharing this with others while you are there.

I am learning to blockchain and throughout this undertaking I have shared high quality course content for free.

There is lots of unresearched cynical information on the Internet, in newspapers and even in the media. Nassim Nicholas Taleb writes about himself and Umberto Eco owners of vast libraries themselves.

It is not the books you have read the most powerful ones are the ones you have not. The books unowned. The books in the anti-library, the ones you own and have not read, the ones in bookshops, libraries, and friends and family libraries that you can get your hands on if you need to – these are the most powerful thing a human can have in life.

A book has to go through a strict publishing process. This is far more stringent than any newspaper, magazine, and most certainly more draconian than any  online media whether claimed to be factual  by the owner of some domain or social published in a blog by a very intelligent guy who is still a phenomenal fool.

 Daniel Bennett on March 25


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