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Writing Online To Empower Yourself

by Daniel Bennett on March 23rd

Starting a blog

In the world of Facebook and Twitter, writing a blog might feel a little daunting. You can certainly develop a following on social media, but running your own blog has a few unique advantages. Firstly, the sheer fact that setting up a blog is more difficult than creating a Facebook or  Twitter account shows that you are serious. It is a way of telling the world that you have something to say, and that you dedicated enough to regularly create content that people enjoy and take knowledge from.

Secondly, it is your blog, you have complete control over your content. You are not limited as you are with social networks in how content will be displayed, or who can view it.

Thirdly, and most importantly, there is the google effect. Increasingly, regardless of your industry, potential employers will use search engines to find out about job applicants. If you run and update a blog that will almost certainly become the top search result when people search for you. That’s a pretty impressive thing for a potential employer to see.

Fourth, owning your own domain name is increasingly useful. As we have seen a domain name is a web address, like google.com. Owning DanSynergy.Life is becoming very useful for me, and I recommend you stop reading right now and try to purchase your name. If you have a common name you might need to try alternative domain extensions such as .me or .blog or lie myself, .life.

Fifth, you can use your blog to build a community and position yourself as an authority figure. If you write useful and challenging content, you will start to build a following of like minded people who are interested in what you do. By encouraging them to post comments on your articles, you can get to know these people, and form a community with you at the centre. This is a very powerful thing, and a whole range of opportunities might develop from it.

Finally, once you have built up an audience, if you wish you can monetize the site itself, by offering subscriptions for special content, recommending products, or just using the platform to launch your next big business idea.

There are countless other benefits from writing a blog. You will be force to write clearly and coherently, expressing your ideas eloquently and in an entertaining way. This is a rare and valuable skill across all industries. It will clarify your thinking and your ideas. It will build your confidence as you write more and your audience grows. It can bring attention to causes you care about, and even change public policy. It will bring in new experiences, with new people, and develop your technical and marketing skills. And, of course, you will help people by sharing your knowledge, experiences or simply entertaining them.      



by Daniel Bennett on March 23




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