Master The Fundamentals

Before we do, let’s do a bit of background

by Daniel Bennett on March 19

In the world of Facebook and Twitter writing a blog may seem a little daunting.

Doing so proves you are serious.

You can write about anything and everything.
So far I have spoken about my current interests and areas of the future that excite and enthuse me.

Coming up 20 things.

One of the most exciting things you can do in life is learning to blockchain, code and write blogs. It is amazing empowerment. It enables you to create your own business, product and/or service.

It brings down the cost of starting a business close to zero.

I am doing a course at The University of Oxford – Strategy for Blockchain.
I am now learning to code in order to build an app for Android and iOS.

Learning to blockchain and code makes the PROCESS of business much, much easier.

If you cannot blockchain or code you WILL CONSTANTLY come up with frustrating barriers and/or challenges. If you need a website for your business you can create it. Rather than forking out a fortune for someone else to do it. Being an A Level A* accountancy also comes in handy.

If your business needs an app. You can create it. Knowing the basics of coding and blockchain means you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with whoever you want to. A much better & cheaper outcome.

The big factor is do something what you enjoy doing. You are much more likely to succeed doing something you enjoy doing. Enjoy doing the tasks involved. So imagine going ahead with it? Will you have fun?

Being a coder you can start any business you like. Coding skills enable you to partner people and provide technical expertise to other businesses. Whether you want to start a company today or not. Knowing you can with coding skills that opportunity is always there is incredibly exciting.  I will look at the process further in future blogs on my site

My UNCLE KEVIN says all the above and more to me around the kitchen table.

He has been a coder for forty years.

The guy in the Bruce Springsteen’s  song ‘Straight Time’ say his uncle sits around the kitchen table makes his living running hot cars, slips him a hundred dollar bill (to keep his mouth shut,) says charlie you best remember who your friends are-

My Uncle the POLAR opposite.



Alice Hall was 27 in 2012, and was struggling to pay her bills. On a whim, she bought £90 of dresses and resold them online. They sold quickly, and she used the profits to buy £180 of dresses. Again the sold well, and she carried on buying and selling dresses until she was ready to create her own website, . As of June 2016, the business has a turnover of £7million, selling 2,000 dresses a day all around the world. You don’t need extensive business experience or big upfront investment to build a successful business, you just need to start.

Choose a niche you are familiar with.

2013: Cold, 14-hour-shifts manufacturing ducting for tumble-dryer parts with a guy Christian:

Tumble-Dryer tubes VERY expensive and EXTREMELY time consuming.


1 metre UK $1.99

1 metre Chingquong China $0.07 (MOQs 5000)

And Christian said: BUY BITCOIN.


Sorry mate, I should have listened.

£100 Bitcoin

(the night you bought £20 of pizza while I ate 1kg of chicken instead, after dead-lifting 37 stone for 3 reps in a set, –

at 0:00 hrs Monday 18th March 2013)

= £17, 248 today

or £41.919 at the shooting star new year just past.

I have various Blockchains ongoing.

Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, all £1000 not the £100 Christian at the factory advised, which would have returned £41,919 exactly 5 years ago. Ripple and NEO £150 & £100 respectively.

And Adobe, Alibaba, and, Amazon $500

And Tesco £2,819

Abiding by Metcalfe’s law and the fact that increased regulation and NO RIP OFF advertising will strengthen these BLOCKCHAINS.

Although new technology lessons are so exciting our device and opportunity at Wor(l)d Global Network is phenomenal and incredible.

However, above all | The | most | valuable | lessons | I | learn | recently | go | back | millennia |

Through hundreds OF thousands of books.






The lessons of psychology and philosophy by Nassim Nicholas Taleb teach me ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

If all of this came crashing down – every business went bust – the blockchain developed a ‘Dopey Dennis’ Major fault. Read all about it!!  ‘Dopey Dennis’ right here.

I am MENTALLY prepared for any eventuality – prepare yourself for






DIRECTOR – My Boss for three years

Francis Marra

Has Had ‘SKIN IN THE GAME’ made badfrancis.jpeg 

decisions, with their own money and business interests in the game. learned and progressed on to making better decisions.


The first thing to think of is. Do you have particular skills that can help you succeed where others will not. If your idea involves a lot of public speaking and the thought of that terrifies you might not be best placed to run the business.

I, Dan Bennett enjoy this public speaking.

I fasted for 9 hours solid and presented my charity work to 200 people in an open canteen.

After the general manager of a million square foot site thanked me, profusely & personally in private emails, still in the PC – 3 times a day, for the monumentally productive activities I had sustained for a prolonged period of time…

People with faith fast. So do leaders. Read all about it in this book
One of the most highly rated books in reviews across the board
Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Johnny Bravo from the Book  is Mike Drowley one of the greatest soldiers alive today.

Following In the footsteps of George Marshall.

And he Jason Watts, invited me to do such public speaking and promoting charity & bringing the fun and human kindness back to the business.

For public speaking, Jason and Ghazala Jabeen two of the best I’ve met.

Another phenomenal one- Francis Marra.

Francis Marra


If you are connected to Ghazala you can watch her videos and persona and demeanour, her outgoing lust and excitement for all things in life. You can connect with her for soundbites, ideas and rejuvenation mindsets, moving forward in your life.

Ghazala Jabeen



For example, Lisa if you are a yoga instructor and you find it difficult (I know you don’t Mrs Robinson – 118 five star reviews on Facebook is phenomenal) to get clients because there is no central portal where people can search for and rate different yoga instructors you have franchised your model too.





Perhaps creating that portal is going to cost you lots of money and employing an accountant, when your new portal you designed and ran yourself, gives your business a huge boost and you can start franchising your business model to other towns and businesses like Duncan Bannatyne did with dance schools and gyms himself.






Daniel Bennett



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