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Said Business School at Oxford University do a Blockchain course if you want to learn about something that can change your life in two ways. Whether its enterprise blockchain  integrated into your organisation, or consumer blockchain If you want to launch some great cryptocurrency ICO and write a white paper  or some other application like Cryptokitties 

It is a 12-15 hours per week course. It is an investment into your future career and professional development.

An opportunity to decide how important is that for you?  

And how much do you want to receive? As a benefit from the program.

Its entirely driven by how much you want to put into it.

Upon completion  you have to pass the exam to complete it.

There is a certificate upon completion from the University of Oxford.

The fintech program .

It is very exciting to receive a certificate for blockchain technology from Oxford University.

An incredible group of instructors, industry experts who are conveying state of the art frameworks, tools and knowledge for how to deal with the blockchain revolution. The lecturer also encourages you to look at their twitter account, youtube, and linkedin

There is a book Trust Data by David Shirer  

Can you set up an ICO? The course will provide you with some context and information on whats going on around ICOs in the market so you can decide.

The goal in general  is following the old adage “not to give a man or woman a fish, but rather teach someone to fish, so they are going to let you hook a really big sailfin through this program.

So, you will be able to figure out whether ICO is the right choice based on what you learn through the program but that will be your own decision.

After completion of the program what job categories can you put your knowledge into?

So are you teaching us to program?

Said have designed it around the name the Blockchain Strategy Programme. For a reason.

It is not the Blockchain Programming or Blockchain Technology.

The business school have designed it around a course primarily  for business leaders who are trying to figure out what to do with blockchain or technology leaders who want to understand how blockchain works in context.

So how what they are producing is used.

Or entrepreneurs who want to build a new blockchain business and want to think through the implications around that and to sort of prepare for launching their company using blockchain.

This is not a solidity programming class. I think, or rather, I know from my experience at blockgeeks there are a number of companies offering the mechanics of solidity or ethereum  or other kinds of blockchain. That is not the role of  the Saїd Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme. Think about technology disruption in context and that’s what we are doing.

The intent we want to make sure that these frameworks, exercises and tools that are provided can be applied in many different areas.  

So eh?

Our intent, with this is that you can put this knowledge, whether you are in a legal or advisory services, or technical, or management role.

So what we are getting out of it is

1:) You are hearing from some of THE top people in the industry. What’s going on and what they are doing in Blockchain.

Dave Shrier the programme course  leader is an author, of, a book, and other books which retail at £99.99

2:) You are hearing from Oxford Saїd faculty about how to think about technology disruption. And what decisions can you make based on being face with something as disruptive as blockchain.

So the theory is you can put this stuff to work. In many different categories.

We are considering what decisions can be made when contemplating technology disruption. What is the outlook for business as a whole when faced with something as disruptive as blockchain technology. There are many different ways we can put this disruptive technology to work.

In terms of signing up to the course,  based on what you have read. And based upon what I have been sharing with you, since I finally signed up (8 weeks ago), to supporting a former associate of mine, after seeing Des Walker, the fastest footballer in the world in 1990, during the early incarnation of The Big Match,  delivering me and my team, some pallets of chocolate –  I thought “good thing, that!”  So where was I?  Oh yes, in terms of my two educators, the Saїd Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme. And my authorship educators blockgeeks  – do you think this is a good path to go down?

The registration team they can help you figure out various payment options. There are full pay and multi-pay options.

This is a very expensive programme to deliver. It is of immense value.

The programme is eighteen hundred more time successful in terms of how many people start and how many people finish the online programme.

The  Oxford Saїd faculty spend a lot of money having an entire team focused on your success so there is a group of people working with you. Ranging from success managers to tutors to the course instructor to the course leader. That is not cheap to put on. Impossible to add another person for free. It costs a lot of money to deliver the programme. So no scope at present on offering scholarships.

What books are recommended for the program?

There are a lot of books that have been written. There are not many books that the team at Oxford are happy with. About blockchain or blockchain strategy.

David Shrier has written a book with Professor Alex “Sandy” Pentland: Frontiers of Financial Technology .

Which the first three chapters are about blockchain and blockchain strategy in particular. So, that’s one resource. There are a lot of articles which have been written. Dave’s LinkedIn profile has many blogs. He is going to be migrating that to a microsite shortly. There will be some things there to have a look at and of course industry resources like which is a great digital industry site. Talking sense about the things that are going on.

If you really want to go for the gold star on your report card. There is a wonderful strategy book called outthink the competition by  Kaihan Krippendorff. 

So, outthink the competition is a strategy framework referred to often in the program.

There are at least a thousand new protocols that have been proposed in the last year. So I am not going to dwell too deeply in any one individual protocol.

I will put them under the category of: A lot of people including  folks in the industry working with David have been struggling to come up with ways to address questions of security and data management. In fact there is book by David called Trust Data.  

He has spent a lot of time thinking about this.

It is a book where the team at the University of Oxford secure multi-party computation and secret sharing as a method for transformational change in blockchain and data storage.

David will lump all those together by saying that a lot of folks  are thinking about the question “how do we store data, and govern data on the blockchain, particularly when we get into sensitive personal data.”

So, David just testified to the European Parliament yesterday about a new proposed blockchain legislation and one of the questions that came up is that if you put your health records in blockchain how do we know its secure?  And so things like graphchain and other solutions are trying to help and address this challenge of cryptographic security for data management

David and I expect we will see others.      

It is a suitable course for lawyers.

Smart contracts. Addressed under a legal perspective

Smart contracts are a bit of a  misnomer.

Smart contracts refer to a form of distributed application. This is something that will automatically execute in a networked fashion. It is not a legally binding contract between two or more parties. You could create a “smart contract” that is a legally binding contract in certain domiciles. The course will briefly touch on the subject this is not a law class.

The course touches on policy. There is a lot on policy in frontiers of financial book. There is a sixty page policy of how it relates to blockchain


Daniel Bennett


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