“What Did We Do At Bletchley Park”

Bletchley Park Code

What did we do at Bletchley Park

You Know That Feeling You Get

Bletchley Park 1919–1939–1943–1974–2000

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This is unlike previous technical articles on blockchain education. This is purely about the foundations of what makes the technology work. So, we’re going to touch on some technical concepts but I’m not going to flood you, the reader with information. So take this in slowly, there is a lot of information. This report will come in three parts. We are at blockgeeks, are going to high level this as much as we can. I’d like to introduce this as: What were they doing at Bletchley Park?

“Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park

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“I went to Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes Dons FC, March 2000. I’d just been the most successful general manager in a company of 1,400 business units in terms of sales increase on grocery, and more prolifically – fresh fruit and vegetables.  

-Daniel Bennett Writer

There’s a Movie About It

– – – – X In fact there’s a few movies about it.

“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”   

Eric Cantona

So back in 1983, we’re going to go way back, in 1983, David Chaum 

Invented what was called the Blinding Formula or blind signature.

A blinding formula is really cool. It’s something that essentially makes it so that an issue in authority, let’s say a central bank or a mint issues a dollar, in the digital realm, they don’t have to look at every transaction and authorize it.  

Essentially this is very important for digital cash because you need to be able to operate in a way where you don’t have to constantly check against an authority to see if your transactions are valid. In other words, you want to always ask the central bank is it okay to move this money around.

So the Blinding formula essentially made it so that you could mark digital currency as valid, you could mark it, as this is something that exists as a legitimate token. So for digital cash in the banking system, this was immensely important.

Not only did it make webs of trust simpler because banks necessarily didn’t have to look to a federal reserve or a central bank to receive money from other bank, they could just look at digital money being constructed.

So the blinding formula was a first big step in digital cash, it made it so that we could look at individual tokens, individual units of currency and say these are obviously not forged, these are obviously authorized from a central source which is important when you’re dealing with a government run money system.

So that was in 1983.

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