The way humans become durable, the ability to endure setbacks and gain everlasting satisfaction from their being, regardless of their knowledge or wealth, their relationship status or loss of a loved one.

Is by becoming antifragile – always being prepared for the totally unexpected.

This might sound disturbed – during the financial crises which bankrupted and destroyed millions of peoples lives, relationships, livelihoods and general well being, on October 19, 1987 and again September 15, 2008. A phenomenal genius mathematician, a Quant trader with a purpose slept for twelve hours.

He personally made a small fortune on both occasions.

Lets call him Crypto (Secret) Quant.

Others in his line of work were dropping like flies. On both instances, during the ensuing days he watched as people took their own lives, turned to drink and drugs and wallowed in their woes, which grew day by day.

On both occasions severe mental health issues for the masses were amplified and magnified by the news and media. Wall to wall coverage, the churning out of doom and gloom literature was intensified as reports of the Armageddon, the Apocalypse, became so frequent, people could not escape.

People have got to be antifragile. To expect the unexpected. And not be upset. Or too happy if they have a monumental success. This is endorsed by Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson and Stephen James Coppell on countless occasions.

Fergie and mourinho respect


Take the emotion out and be able to deal with any situation.

The most thrilling feeling I get in life is to behave in a manner, a fashion, a trait, of something good, of something phenomenal, and then after, sometimes years after read about it in an esteemed influential book.

Now, I read in a book this antifragile way of life is THE outlook to gain lifelong psychological strength and durability. Its just after a year ago I attempted to explain to someone, with no avail, this theory.

The Black Swan theory before I’d ever heard of it. This is why I get the most thrilling feeling.   

“If you are always prepared for something to turn out not quite how you envisage it, you will never be disappointed and if it turns out well, you’ll be delighted.”

It has happened with countless biographies and degree text books I’ve read.
Too many to mention.




‘Gordon’ Ramsay




I have read 80 autobiographies.


I’ve just disclosed my passive earnings potential according to Trace Mayer a phenomenal genius, Lawyer, accountant & Mathematician who is THE most educated on Crypto (secret). I was conservative on my passive earning potential. It could be a lot more. It could be a lot less.

My antifragility point is:
It could all come crashing down tomorrow and leave me bankrupt/homeless, & jobless.
Because Stressors, Errors and Consequence is where we gain information and learn inner strength and life-long psychological satisfaction.
Being prepared for the worst, the unexpected.

It is  –  The Black Swan.

Owning an antilibrary. Something which is available to anybody, no matter what social background or schooling you’ve had.

It is the most phenomenally powerful tool a human being can own.


Steve coppell at reading


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