Earlier this decade. Let me take you back to the start. 2010.  I read a book that changed the way I thought about the very foundations of the world in which we live.

The book was spectacular.

Mind blowing in it’s expansiveness and profundity. It made me think we’re at one of those times in technological, and social history where the sky is the limit.

I thought, this will become one of the iconic books of our time.

It became a source of pleasure for me on a daily basis. I wasn’t alone – commentators at the time it was published were hailing it. And regaling it.

Blockchain is THE fourth industrial revolution. I will coherently explain why in coming days. I will reveal why and how to capture it as I am doing  just that myself.  We can go on the journey together. My interest is fresh . My bee in the bonnet nature is part of my DNA – fresh challenges in large Fast Moving Consumer Goods outlets were my primary bee in the bonnet motivators in days gone by. I was the youngest guy to take on such challenges in the UK at the time.

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Blockchain – it has come along and changed the global discourse.

The great missing thing with the internet since its inception has been the “trust protocol” a way of knowing that a transaction is trusted, verified, and authentic. Blockchain technology provides a foundation for that. It’s a revolutionary idea, and my lucid explanation that follows will take you on a journey of dissection of a global challenge at its relative commencement stage.

The blockchain is to trust as the internet is to information. My Black Swan & Anti fragile education leads me to decipher the internet’s wealth of information is littered with fragility influencers. The free internet does not, in 95% of cases, contain information that has real world value. The useful information is not free to air.  Adopting the view that all the hours spent reading various views of the same stories could be time used for actually reading real world genuine works of art in published books. The anti-library  is the  ultimate tool for resources.  Period.


Britain’s most successful businessman Alan Sugar wrote a phenomenal auto-biography with many instances of name-dropping.  Plentiful occurrences of  well-to-do  leaders and go getters get a mention.  If  you happen to search for any information about these  folks on the internet, you get very little to say the least.










I will deconstruct the promise and peril of the blockchain in a way which is at once accessible and erudite. I will give you a sneak peak at the future. A demystification voyage capturing the excitement, the potential and the importance of this topic to everyone.

I will present a compelling case on the blockchain phenomenon, explaining why we all need to understand it’s power and potential.

Technological change that used to develop over a generation now hits us in a relative blink of an eye. I will disclose the story   If you work in business or government you need to read about and understand the blockchain revolution.

“The Internet Of Things Needs A Ledger Of Things.”

The epicentre of trust is about to diffuse! The definitive narrative on the revolutionary possibilities of a decentralised network. Blockchain sets the table for a wave of technological advancements that is only just beginning.

I will indoctrinate others into embracing this phenomenon to discover it’s pioneering and ground-breaking foundations. A powerful case for blockchains ability to increase transparency but also ensure privacy. I will identify a profound new technology movement and connect it to the deepest of human needs: trust

I will thoroughly research and provocatively write about this technology in an erudite pragmatic manner to evoke the reader into believing that every serious business person and policy maker will have to read with great interest.




It will be a fascinating journey – reassuring adventure of discovery – a extraordinary insight into a technology with the power to remake the global economy.


© Daniel Bennett




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